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Avid interest in politics, though not party based. Deep into senior interests. Teach several computer classes at our local senior center. Teach several classes in building fishing rods at our outdoor campus. Top 5 interests? Wife, grandkids, fishing, fishing, fishing. Intense reader, mostly fiction. Enjoy writing

Sunday, October 23, 2005

At 79, what am I doing learning to write and post my thoughts to a blog? Yes, I have things to say. But most of what I plan to share are the thoughts of a great many gray heads like mine. These are folks that I spend a lot of time with at our local senior center.

We have over 4,000 active members, of which the majority are 55+ with a host of them in their late 80's. They are talkative, willing to express their opinions, and can talk about a world of things besides their aches and pains, and grandchildren.

I don't know that we have an active voice. The empty suits in DC want to battle for our vote. Maybe battle is not a good choice of words. Maybe they want to buy our votes with a handful of programs that will make our life easier, and stretch our budget. We instinctively know there are strings. And like most of the trash they dole out, it will be complicated and difficult to understand. The final plan will require a third person to try and explain it.

The Center has trained a large group of people to explain the new drug plan to us. Some of us understand it and can see some relief in paying for drugs. Others see it as join now, like it or not, or we'll penalize you later. We'll watch it.

Most of the folks I share lunch with, voted Tom Daschle out of office, realizing his "all for you fellow South Dakotans" was really more like, "I'm all for what is best for me first and foremost." They also returned GW to office, and now are regretting it.

When you're 80, you spent your youth in the depression or post deparession age. We personally know what fiscal responsibility is. Now, we see our President as a spending fool, with no conscious worries about the future. He lacks the guts to cut pork; he lacks the talent to lead. How's that for openers? And it gets worse from there. Regretably, I voted for him, twice

So, from here on in I'll share what the gray brigade is talking about, at least those from the flatlands.

Grandpa John